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An exciting opportunity is available for exhibiting and sponsoring companies eager to contribute more to the Conference on the Industrial Stage!

These 20 minute presentations should focus on issues of broader interest to this large audience, such as:
  • Scientific and technological challenges which have/ had to be solved
  • Design and application-related solutions in product development
  • Experiences learned in transitioning scientific results to a commercial product
  • Manufacturing solutions for microfluidic-enabled products
  • Market experiences
  • Performance of microfluidics-enabled products in comparison to conventional solutions
Each presentation will be listed on the website and in the Conference program.

Exhibiting companies interested in participating should complete the contract on page 4 of the Exhibitor/Sponsorship Prospectus.

Industrial Stage 1a
Affiliation: Fluigent

Industrial Stage 1b
Affiliation: microfluidic ChipShop GmbH
Presenter: Holger Becker, PhD
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In the transfer from academic lab work to a commercial microfluidics product, materials and manufacturing methods play a decisive role. This presentation will point out some of the critical stumbling blocks during this transition together with suggestions on how to select materials and manufacturing methods to make academic microfluidic designs scaleable for a later industrial manufacturing.

Industrial Stage 1c
Affiliation: CETONI GmbH
Presenter: Melanie BŁttner, Ph.D.
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Microfluidic biological as well as chemical applications are not only characterized by contrasts such as resistance to harsh chemicals vs. sterility of the system, they also have one thing in common: precise and pulsation-free fluid delivery.

The unique modularity of the CETONI-system allows a variety of applications merged with our software to automate these processes. In this presentation we show how the different advantages of the neMESYS syringe pump series can be used for customer-specific applications. And a short insight about a customer setup will be given. A compact setup for precise and reproducible delivery of liquid taste stimuli was developed. The high precision and easy usability of the neMESYS syringe pumps, combined with an elaborated setup, allowed the researchers to present taste stimuli with high precision to earn reproducible results.

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